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Cyber Security Strategy & Architecture

Cyber Security Strategy & Architecture is focused on helping our clients understand their cyber security risks, determining the strategic vision that should be adopted to make an organisation cyber resilient to risks, defining security architecture requirements that achieve realisation of the strategic vision and finally identifying operating models that should be embedded to ensure the ongoing management of the security architecture.

Blockchain Security

Blockchain is revolutionising the manner by which business is conducted. Different blockchain applications are being developed in the Finance, Government, Cyber Security, Supply Chain and Property sectors, using Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) to enhance, optimise and secure processes.

With the new technology of blockchain comes a selection of cyber security risks. Templar Technical Services helps you determine the security requirements that are relevant to your blockchain deployment.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the evolving key technology of 21st century. Industries and infrastructure that can benefit from IoT include Public Sector organisations, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automotive, Transportation, Logistics, Smart Cities, Power Grids et al. With new technologies come new exploitable cyber security weaknesses; Templar Technical Services provides organisations with consultancy guidance on how to embed IoT security across your estate so you can capitalise on the benefits this emerging technology offers.

Cloud Security

Templar Technical Services works with clients to ensure appropriate Cloud architecture measures are considered, not limited solely to security. We add value to our clients through:

  • Secure Cloud migration and management;
  • Privacy and security regulations;
  • Incident response management;
  • Security governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust addresses modern challenges as businesses today typically work remotely, on premises and in the Cloud, and with partners and suppliers with fewer boundaries than before. The flow of sensitive corporate data has become less contained; it is stored, archived, deleted and processed in a variety of environments, often not in the control of the customer. This paradigm shift has prompted the requirement to think about security architecture in a different way, which has lead the creation of principles associated with zero trust architecture.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a method of evaluating the security of computer systems, networks, servers and applications by simulating an attack from malicious threat actors. This provides organisations with a chance to identify and remediate any vulnerabilities before they cause a Cyber incident.

Templar Executives delivers certified physical or virtual Penetration Testing for networks, IT and OT applications, systems and technical security countermeasures. Templar’s Penetration Testing services provide assessments of computer systems, networks and applications in order to discover an organisation’s vulnerabilities to potential external and internal attacks, and provide prioritised remediation activities.