The Templar Cyber Academy offers a world class portfolio of virtual and personalised training and education from Board level to the front line, including certified courses and e-Learning.

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Additional Courses

Our Investigation Training portfolio of courses are a combination of instructor delivery, case studies and live exercises that can be complemented with ongoing coaching and mentoring to support the investigators ongoing development.  The following courses can be delivered as individual modules or a combination of modules.  If you require further information please contact us.
Leading Investigations - Roles and Responsibilities
Investigation Response - Plans and Process
Investigative Decision Making
Strategies and Policy Decisions
Scene Preservation and Searching
Investigative Interviewing
Managing Digital Evidence
Media Management and Opportunities
CPIA Disclosure
National Intelligence Model (NIM)
Core Intelligence for Practitioners
Covert Asset Opportunities
RIPA Principles and Practice
Digital Data Intelligence Gathering
Coaching and Mentoring, New and Returning Investigators
Cybercrime – Managers Awareness Training
Cybercrime – Risk Assessment Training