Building Cyber resilience within schools, colleges and higher education institutions

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Recent attacks against our schools, universities, and colleges have resulted in loss of pupil and parent data, coursework, school closures and more. Understanding the threat posed, deciding what matters, and taking the relevant actions are key challenges the education sector should look to prioritise. It is no longer the case of if a Cyber attack will happen, but rather when one will occur.


Identifying and managing risk and compliance across the educational estate that includes variable IT systems, vulnerable internet connected devices (IoT) and a range of software services is a difficult challenge that requires the right skillsets.

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With the right expert partner, protecting your education establishment can be a simple and expedient process. Much of the Cyber risk can be mitigated by focusing on a managed approach encompassing people, processes and technology to identify and address security exposures and proactively detect and respond to threats.

Our programme works in partnership with staff and suppliers to improve the Cyber resilience of the whole community and reducing the likelihood of a successful attack.

We start the process by providing a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) briefing and evaluation of your technology services information and security risks and identifying the threats. We then propose counter measures to build technical barriers around your services to strengthen your data and information security. In addition we provide a range of certified Cyber Security training and education courses for staff at all levels and roles.

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Templar Executives is an award winning, international Cyber Security company and a trusted adviser to Governments, multi-national organisations and SMEs. We offer a market leading portfolio of Cyber Security solutions and services for the education sector including information security consulting, risk assessments, pentesting and training and education.

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