Providing Cyber expertise to the Healthcare sector to improve organisational resilience and patient care

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Templar Executives Recognised by Department of International Trade (DIT) as a UK Exemplar Cyber Security Company for Digital Healthcare

Templar Executives is recognised by the Department for International Trade (DIT) as a UK healthcare exemplar in the DIT’s First 100 Companies Playbook. At a time when the Healthcare sector is digitalising at pace, collaboration and mutual learning has never been so important. Templar Executives regularly hosts and presents to healthcare audiences to share experiences of delivering Cyber Security solutions and capability to UK NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers. Click the button below to stay up to date with our latest news and events.

Improving Cyber Security in Healthcare

Our track record of improving Cyber Security in the healthcare sector is unparalleled. We provide Cyber Security gap analysis and remediation support to the NHS, and have been engaged in supporting Trusts during COVID. Our approach includes identification of strategic (Leadership and Governance), operational (Technical), cultural transformation (Culture and Communications), clinical (Clinical leadership and practices) and supply chain (procurement) opportunities to improve Cyber resilience organisation wide. To read our case study click here. To find out how we can help you improve Cyber resilience in your healthcare organisation please get in touch.    

Through our Cyber Academy, we are providing NCSC Assured Cyber Board Briefings for Trusts and other healthcare organisations. These bespoke training courses have upskilled medical professionals and best practices in Cyber Security, instilling capability and confidence to enhance patient safety and care outcomes.

This service supports your organisation to improve your holistic Cyber Security maturity and help you achieve your Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, or equivalence, which is mandatory from 2021.

“Templar Executives have been really supportive with the Cyber Security programme in this Trust. The team are helpful with vast amounts of knowledge and expertise in Cyber Security”.

Information Governance Manager – NHS Acute Trust.

“Thank you, very helpful as always.”

Head of IT – NHS Acute Trust.

“Would like to thank you again for your support with the Cyber agenda since you started work with us in January – we have really felt that you have become part of our team, and your help is very much appreciated.”

Chief Digital Officer – NHS Acute Trust.

Our Work with the NHS – The CORS Programme

As a strategic supplier to the NHS, Templar Executives has been providing Cyber Operational Readiness Support teams (CORS) to the national Programme. This required delivering full enterprise architecture reviews, Cyber Essentials Plus gap analysis, Supply Chain and Risk Assessments, Strategy, Policy and Process Reviews and other targeted interventions. CORS provided expertise to the Health sector helping organisations including NHS Trusts to focus resources and increase Cyber Security resilience.

The CORS team have delivered realistic and proven advice and tools to organisations to intensify Cyber Security activities. The Cyber threat to the NHS is widely reported and we recognise NHS staff have many competing priorities; therefore, the team have delivered support that is sympathetic, targeted and deployed within existing activity and work streams where possible.

Our multi-disciplined team of experts offer a suite of proven, pragmatic interventions that develop Cyber Security capabilities at a strategic and tactical level. We continue to support healthcare organisations improve their holistic Cyber Security maturity and help achieve Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.