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Counter-disinformation Services

The contested information environment is dominated by pervasive social media platforms and a growing number of polarising media outlets.  State and non-state actors are highly active in spreading and amplifying disinformation and divisive propaganda. Unchecked, such approaches can undermine the relations between states and rule of law.  It can further destabilise relationships between citizens and their institutions. Influence campaigns have harnessed technologies to create large-scale, seemingly credible activity and communications. Therefore, today’s counter propaganda and disinformation responses must comprise an ethical, technology-enabled and integrated capability, directed by clear policy and strategy. Templar’s experts have extensive experience of supporting governments and their agencies in NATO countries, Middle East and North Africa.  We provide a comprehensive service including:

  • Surface and deep web monitoring;
  • Systematic counter-disinformation assessment, response options planning, and audience analysis;
  • Capacity building for sustainable operations, addressing technology, processes and skills;
  • Policy, strategy and plans development;
  • Nested campaign design, consistent with wider communications strategy and activities.
Templar BLADE

Organisations are being exposed to new threat vectors as networks face increasing vulnerabilities. Templar BLADE provides actionable insights which proactively address these vulnerabilities and protect your business.

Templar BLADE (Business-Level Assurance Diagnostic Engine) is a unique data mining intelligence service used by FTSE 100 and 350 companies, High Net Worth individuals and others, to obtain and review actionable intelligence from covert as well as open sources on the internet, including the dark web and social media.

BLADE Light is an innovative offering for small and medium sized organisations to quickly and cost-effectively identify vulnerabilities within your networks, devices and systems. At a time when hybrid working is becoming the new norm, the results will allow your organisation to rapidly identify, prioritise and remediate any issues that are exposed.