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Cyber Security in healthcare has never been more important – all patient care now relies on digital delivery. Whether that is updating patient records in primary care to complex integrated care solutions utilising CT Scans, heart monitoring and digital pharmaceutical records. We all rely on digital patient management systems.

It is essential that the integrity, assurance, and availability of the vast amount of information and data in healthcare records are properly managed in a Cyber Secure manner.

Templar Executives has been working in close collaboration with Trusts across the length and breadth of England since 2018. NHS Digital commissioned us to deliver their Cyber Operational Readiness Support (CORS) programme created to help NHS organisations identify vulnerabilities and develop a roadmap for enhanced Cyber resilience. We have worked alongside multiple NHS organisations including acute and specialist Hospitals and Mental Health Trusts, Ambulance Trusts, as well as CCGs and Arm’s Length Bodies.

Despite the additional working pressures imposed by COVID the NHS organisations continued to work closely with all our teams.  The accelerated digital roll out and the leap to integrate remote consultations served to highlight the importance of improving their Cyber Security maturity.

Clearly identifiable benefits were realised across the organisations we supported through:

  1. More robust information security governance structures;
  2. Operationalised best practice information security policies;
  3. Wider awareness of the threat of Cyber attacks and the role each employee has in protecting the organisation from a Cyber attack being successful,
  4. Why Cyber Security matters to clinicians;
  5. Technical road maps for achievement and sustainment of CE+;
  6. Awareness of best practice procurement to embed Cyber Security throughout the procurement lifecycle.

We are proud to work alongside the NHS as a trusted partner to NHS Digital to improve Cyber Security resilience and greatly admired the strong desire for involvement even during such a pressurised time. Thank you to all those organisations that took part.

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Published May 2021

Our teams of Cyber Security Subject Matter Experts have been deployed in Leadership and Governance, Policy, Operational, Clinical, Communications and Supply Chain directorates. The  intelligence gathered informs a Cyber Security Improvement Road Map for the organisation, with hands on support to enable implementation.

We helped each sovereign Trust and organisation by reviewing security policies and support to operationalise them. This included establishing an Office of the SIRO to lead and foster better information security governance; technical guidance to meet CE+ equivalence; providing specialist e-Learning and internal communication and culture transformation strategies and content to increase skills, knowledge and awareness among staff of the critical role they play in defending the NHS from Cyber attacks. In addition we delivered specialist subject matter workshops to clinical and procurement staff and targeted Cyber Security Crisis media training to senior leaders.

In tandem with CORS, Templar Executives were also commissioned to develop the first Community Pharmacy Programme (CCP) pilot, focusing on Cyber resilience within Pharmacies. Our Clinical Cyber Experts brought a wealth of insights and Healthcare leadership that enabled the engagement to be uniquely tailored to the Healthcare / Pharmacy context.