Launch of UK-Morocco Cyber Physical Systems Research


Templar Executives and Lancaster University are proud to hold the first UK-Morocco workshop into research on Cyber Physical Systems bringing together key stakeholders in Rabat. Sponsored by The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), and hosted by Marita Group, this important initiative aims to unlock the promise of renewable energy and work towards net-zero targets. Following on from discussions at COP26 in Glasgow, the workshop will instigate research on Cyber Physical Systems that will have a fundamental impact on our planet and how our society will operate, touching every part of our lives. In this transition, there is a need to ensure that one set of vulnerabilities is not replaced with another. The development of any solutions must therefore, be accompanied by planning for security, continuity and resilience of the services offered.

The workshop being held today on Cyber Physical Systems is important and timely addressing the question: ‘What are the priority themes and opportunities for research collaboration between the UK and Morocco in the challenges associated with Cyber Security and data science in the context of Cyber Physical Systems?’ It will be grounded in Moroccan and UK experience by focusing on two cutting-edge real-world Cyber Physical Systems, namely the development of Green Hydrogen technology and the plan to link green energy supply between Morocco and the UK via High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) undersea cable technology.

Both the UK and Morocco are nations at the forefront of renewable energy and green technology development. The activity being instigated at the workshop brings together our shared sense of drive, invention and innovation and is a major step in deepening the relationship between both countries in opportunities across business, energy, Cyber Security and data science. By collaborating with some of the best businesses and universities to explore the opportunities in the area of Cyber Physical Systems, Templar Executives and Lancaster University are excited by the possibilities and bringing them to fruition.

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