Templar Executives, Maritemex and ENSIAS sign Collaboration Agreement

Friday, 21 October 2022, Rabat, Morocco:

It is with great pleasure that Andrew Fitzmaurice CEO Templar Executives and Co-President of Maritemex Morocco, has today signed a Collaboration Agreement with Professor Ms Ilham Berrada, Dean of ENSIAS, the National Higher School for Information Analysis and Systems of Mohammed V University based in Rabat, Morocco.

The agreement is a further development of the strong standing relationship that Maritemex has with Mohammed V University. Through this agreement, Maritemex will deliver specific Cyber Security training and knowledge transfer sessions to hundreds of professionals, businesses and ENSIAS alumni across Morocco, Africa and GCC countries. Maritemex NCSC certified trainers will be working closely with ENSIAS Professors to support professional development and collaborative projects as well as research opportunities.

Through this collaboration, Maritemex will support the further development of collaborations already sealed by a Memorandum of Understanding between Mohammed V University and Lancaster University. Maritemex look forward to working closely with ENSIAS and supporting the development of Cyber Security resilience across Africa.

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